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New 2024 KIA Sorento AWD: Release Date, Pricing & Full Specs

As the automotive industry embraces innovation and technology, KIA Motors is set to make waves with the highly anticipated 2024 KIA Sorento AWD. In this comprehensive article, we’ll look in-depth at this exciting new SUV’s release date, pricing, and full specifications.

New 2024 KIA Sorento AWD Release Date:

While KIA has remained relatively tight-lipped about the exact release date, industry insiders suggest that the 2024 KIA Sorento AWD will likely hit the market in the latter part of 2023. KIA has a reputation for delivering vehicles that combine style, performance, and affordability, and the 2024 Sorento AWD is expected to be no exception.

New 2024 KIA Sorento AWD Price:

One of the most crucial aspects for any prospective buyer is the pricing of the new Sorento AWD. While exact figures have not been officially confirmed, KIA is known for offering competitive pricing in the SUV segment. Anticipate a starting price that competes favourably with other midsize SUVs in its class, typically ranging from $30,000 to $45,000 depending on trim levels and optional features.

New 2024 KIA Sorento AWD Full Specs:

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the 2024 KIA Sorento AWD, exploring its full range of specifications and features:

  1. All-Wheel Drive: The “AWD” in the name signifies the availability of an All-Wheel Drive system, providing enhanced traction and stability, making it an excellent choice for various road conditions and terrains.
  2. Engine Options:  These engines will balance performance and fuel economy, catering to various driving preferences.
  3. Interior Comfort and Technology: The interior of the Sorento AWD is likely to reflect KIA’s commitment to comfort and technology. Expect premium materials, spacious seating, and an infotainment system with a user-friendly interface.
  4. Cargo Space: The Sorento has traditionally offered ample cargo space, and the 2024 model should continue this trend. Foldable rear seats and smart storage solutions will likely make the Sorento AWD versatile for various lifestyles and needs.

New 2024 KIA Sorento AWD Conclusion:

As KIA Motors prepares to launch the 2024 Sorento AWD, enthusiasts and potential buyers alike can look forward to a vehicle that combines the brand’s reputation for affordability with an impressive array of features and capabilities.

What’s new

  • Updated styling for 2024
  • New instrument panel and center touchscreen displays
  • New X-Pro version with enhanced off-road capability
  • A few tech features have been improved
  • Part of the fourth Sorento generation introduced for 2021

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